Between the Rock and Cloud

Released April 2020

When berserkers hunt, blood shall spill

The strength of a tenuous coalition is tested, once bitter rivals now prepare to rid the Green Sea of slavery. A small island provides an opportunity to solidify their alliance.

Opposing them, the Shades await. The monstrous beasts hide their faces behind helmets with evil smiles, though they seem more alike than humans would believe.

Beliefs and prejudices are challenged when new, gruesome weapons hit both sides of the battlefield. They must fight against the elements and incompetent leadership on a mission between the rock and cloud.

My novella: Between the Rock and Cloud is rated 5 stars on both Kobo and Goodreads. It is available free on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo and Google Play.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brief and satisfying

Pete Draper managed to fit a lot of story into 170 pages. Fans of grimdark and Joe Abercrombie will find a lot to like here. The closest comparable title would likely be The Heroes. Gritty, realistic characters fighting for a callous society, indifferent to their struggles. Mr. Draper builds well imagined worlds, and I am excited to read the next installment. You will have a hard time finding better indie fantasy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really liked this book!

Being a grimdark novella about war, the author captures that essence without being overly descriptive with the battles, and even has time to throw in some deeper themes in the mix. It’s always great to read battles that highlight the hardships of it all.

And to my great benefit, I discovered that the novella is free, so if you want a nice, short read, I’d highly recommend this one!

Reviews taken from Kobo and Goodreads respectively.