Free Giveaway: Beside the Rock and Cloud

To celebrate 100 downloads of Between the Rock and Cloud on Amazon, I’ve used my first free promotion day of my 2nd book: Beside the Rock and Cloud.

It’s not quite as grimdark as the first but it has it’s moments. It’s an action/adventure novel set in my gaslamp world, giving an introduction to pretty much all of the Merged Seas and the lore surrounding the immortals (who shall be making themselves known in my next book: Burning Bridges).

Beside the Rock and Cloud is about a brother and sister who loath one another’s existence, yet they’re trapped together due to their share of their late father’s ship. Carilyo’s alcoholism is becoming a greater problem as the transport routes they use become more treacherous due to changing territories; while Cassi’s vanity is an annoyance to her brother.

The cargo transport job they take on gives Carilyo the opportunity to buy Cassi’s share of the ship, provided they can make it to the destination with themselves and the cargo intact.

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way as they catch the ire of their own crew and come across the perils of the Arrizean and Green Sea, along with destructive new weapons the empires of Levac and the Golden Empire have been working on.

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